ways of making them unknowingly explore themselves deeply, as they continued their grail quest of finding the real biker legend's story.

The two young men were with Crazy Dan on his porch one morning, when they sensed some strange shift with him. He was much quieter than usual, seemingly deeply reflective. When asked if he was all right, he just laughed and said, “Oh, it's just occurring to me hard today that I'm not a spring chicken anymore. I'm just overviewing the status of the Crazy Dan Show.”

After a while longer he got quiet again, and finally said, “You know, you boys have turned out to be pretty square guys, pretty damn together for young pups.” After more quiet time he then announced, “So I guess at my age it's time for me to turn some things over to the young guys. I want you to go over to the barn and look under the tarp and junk in the back. There's an old piece of equipment there that I need some advice on. Go look at it and tell me what you think.”

The “young pups” looked in the barn, and had their minds pretty much blown out of their skulls. Crazy Dan had been storing the First Chopper, the first one ever built, built by the very phantom biker that they had been chasing. He had had the bike for over 50 years. He had simply been testing them, for over a year, to see if they were worthy of even knowing about it.

It took the two young men a time to just get over the shock of actually finding THE chopper. Crazy Dan did know its builder well, and about the amazing life he led. He knew him when he himself was a young man, and he inherited the bike and ranch from him. And most importantly, Crazy Dan made it radically clear – the man who built the Chopper truly was a remarkable man, with

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