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Who Are The Men Who Truly Ride?

Men who donít live in little boxes, that society says are OK.

Men who donít have to have predictability and delusions of security
      to really live and enjoy life.

Men who have little tolerance for peopleís bullshit and stories
       to try to manipulate others.

Men who see through societyís little games, to try and keep people small.

Men who clearly know the difference between real Men,
       and boys with good masks.

Men who often slam Truth on to the table,
       when too much bullshit is being spoken.

Men who know the value of keeping themselves in a Tribe of good Men.

Men who feel what lifeís about, not just live in their heads.

Men who know the difference between real integrity, and skilled bullshit.

Men who are clear about, what kind of Men they want to have their back.

Men who know how to push their limits and work their edges,
      and why they want to do so.

Men who intentionally explore themselves,
      to see who they want to be and what their life is really about.

Men who honor personal space, for themselves and others.

Men who know the value of Respect, and do not settle for less.

Men who can watch themselves,
      and not do stupid knee-jerk shit because of their emotions and reactions.

Men who arenít slackers, but clearly know the value
       of taking time off to reflect on where their life is at.

Men who pay attention to Godís handiwork in the beauty of nature,
      and how they might fit into the Bigger Deal.

Men who know how to listen, to the Wind.