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Exemplars, Elders and Legends

Over the millennia there has always been a select group of Men who have walked a higher road than the rest. They have lived as exemplars, within the many forms of being true leaders. Some were simply elders, intentionally guiding a small number of young people to become their best. Some were community and cultural leaders, gifted with specific leadership skills and delivering higher visions to large numbers of people. Some of these exceptional Men simply took on particular projects of community service, on levels that hadn’t been accomplished previously. Becoming an exceptional Man and deciding how to deliver the attributes of being so to the world, have always been choices that were made, by individual outstanding Men. They chose to deliver their best, and how they would do so.

Our current society is pushing Men hard to have lives that are absurdly fast-paced, overly full and highly stressful. Within that pressure many Men have been very distracted from one of the most key sets of “tools”, for actually being high level Men. That set of personal tools is, simply put, Men’s STANDARDS. Without clear Standards Men are like ships adrift, with no rudders, a critical problem situation for a major percentage of modern Men.

Standards are the measuring device that a Man utilizes, to know what actual level of manhood he is living. Standards tell a Man if he is actually walking his talk, actually being the Man that he desires to be, or if he is instead actually missing his own marks. When a Man has no Standards he is also much more susceptible to living behind masks and believing empty stories, instead of seeing his life clearly and managing it from a place of true power.

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