The First Chopper

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Good whiskey has always been a proper catalyst, to bubble the legends of legends to the surface of good storytelling. As the young men were at various watering holes during their rural wanderings, a part of the old men's sharings usually did encompass some good storytelling. Local history and legends were often the raw materials of such. As they took in the local lore, one odd legend kept subtly cropping up, of an eccentric and almost crazed character that used to ride the back roads of Northern California. This character supposedly also had a motorcycle of sorts, that was so off-the-wall that it terrified most normal folks when they initially saw it. He wasn't necessarily considered a dangerous type, but was in some ways so out of the box that most people did actively avoid him.

Different pieces of this particular legend, were carried by a variety of local old timers, but it was a bizarre, incomplete puzzle, that became more and more intriguing to the two young men. For some reason it eventually hit some kind of threshold in their psyches and pulled the two of them deeply in. In the spring of 2006, as they sat in a shady place on the bank of the Eel River, something locked in. They had heard too many stories in too many places, about this legendary guy and his motorcycle. He had somehow ingrained himself in the collective psyche of these rural people, and the men found themselves inextricably drawn to find out WHY ? Why was he a legend as a man? Why was his bike a legend in itself? Where did he even come from? Before long it was to become an obsession and personal quest for the two young men, for them to find the truth out behind this character's legend. The fire of their deep hunting instincts started running in their veins.

The first phase of a good hunt always entails effective reflection. What is the true nature of the quarry? Where is the quarry most likely to be found? Just how good is the hunt going to be? These are the questions that have to be chewed on. A couple of days of river and campfire time, were

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