He must not only have a very substantial sense of life purpose, but know what valuing he holds that is the foundation for that sense of purpose. That same value set is also the bedrock of a Man's Standards. Without self-clarity around his personal valuing systems a Man cannot ever really know if he has hit the mark, relative to living his own Standards and potentials.

When truly exemplar Men are clearly studied it is apparent that they are highly attuned to a set of clear personal Standards. Their life goals, short term or long term, have personally defined characteristics, qualities that these Men have consciously chosen. These exemplar Men have chosen certain benchmarks that they wish to achieve, by utilizing their own unique abilities, and those of other high level Men that they have studied.

A critical question that arises, amidst the current state of our society, is just how many Men actually consciously craft and commit to live by, their personal Standards? What percentage of Men, by crafting themselves a high set of Standards, even create the possibility of their becoming an exemplar Man? And even more key, would be the answer to these questions:

How would our society become if a much higher percentage of Men crafted and lived by, high-level Standards?

What if truly high-level Men were the majority and societal norm, instead of the current norm of most Men settling for mediocrity and chaos?

How would most Men's lives feel, if they lived from a place of wisdom and true strength, really within their highest potentials?

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